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About Us

The driving landscape has changed over the past couple of years, leaving many vehicles unused as we work more from home or do not travel as much. Second cars sit and gain dust more than ever, costing their owners without getting good benefits. Empire Leasing Systems started to solve the growing number of stationary automobiles by paying owners for their leases.

Image by Samuele Errico Piccarini

Our Misson

We aim to help vehicle owners earn passive income by leasing their stationary cars.

We turn depreciating automobiles into prized assets, offering monthly payments and taking care of the insurance and maintenance. Now owners can meet their car payments, get car notes, and gain an additional source of income with a couple of clicks of a button.

Our Vision

Empire Leasing Systems envisions our service as the go-to resource when your vehicle costs more to the owners than they give. We provide a method to transform your car into a revenue-generating asset rather than a depreciating liability as it goes unused because of your circumstances.

Car Interior

Our Values

Transformation, possibility, and reward are the three values we hold in the Empire Leasing Systems. We believe in transforming stationary vehicles into assets that benefit every party, including their owners. The service opens new car possibilities, ultimately supplying financial rewards for those who lease them to us.

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